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Control your AI Ships while flying!
QUESTION: What are AI Ships?
ANSWER: The ships and boats in FSX that you see cruising around on their own.
They appear in FSX to give you a more realistic experience (the number of ships that
appear depends on your traffic settings). They are allowed by the FSX program to be
self controlled, the AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.  Unlike some scenery, these are
actual models, several are used in FSX Missions and include a "Hard Deck" that allows
you to land Aircraft and Helicopters on them.  

QUESTION: Why would I want to control them?
ANSWER: By allowing you to easily choose certain boats or ships to appear,
on your command, and control them, you can land on them at will, at any location
(over water)  in FSX.
TaskForceFSX has developed custom AI Ships Modification Packs!
Taking AI to a new level! These pack modifies the AI Carriers 2 program by Lamont
Clark by adding boats and ships from Javier Fernandez and other creators.
Song: the Naval Order March performed by the US Navy Band
Deck of the USS Nimitz AI Carrier by Javier Fernandez
- PICTURE: Copyright 2011 by Donald McKinney
AI Carriers for Flight Simulator X SP1 & Acceleration by Lamont Clark  
(Second Release, November 3, 2007)

This is a small software that allows you to place and control single ships or complete
naval fleets in Flight Simulator X.
Unlike previous software concerning AI ships and carriers, or missions, it doesn't need
complex edit of traffic files or mission files. Just add when you are in free flight,
anywhere you want.
TaskForceFSX files are located at

... a FREE File Storage Site
- PICTURE: Performing Underway Replenishment Operations Copyright 2011 by Donald McKinney
FFG-51 USS Gary by AJ Weber and Earl Watkins
(in "Single" configuration)

(by Javier Fernandez)
- 2 HIGHLY DETAILED Carriers CVN 68 USS Nimitz
AND CVN 69 Dwight D. Eisenhower
- HIGHLY DETAILED Fleet Oiler USNS Patuxent T-AO 201.
- SH-60 Seahawk helicopter.                          
(by AJ Weber. Textures created by "AJ Weber, and Earl Watkins")
- 6 AI "Perry" class Frigates (FFG's)
FFG-33 USS Jarrett (not used in this pack)
FFG-38 USS Curts (Used in Eisenhower Strike Group)
FFG-41 USS McClusky (used in Nimitz Strike Group)
FFG-46 USS Rentz (Used in Eisenhower UNREP)
FFG-48 Vandegrift (Used in Single Frigate)
FFG-51 USS Gary (Used in Nimitz UNREP)
(by Phil Crowther and Paul Strogen)
- 9 Fletcher class (WWII) Destroyers                    
----- DesRon 52 - DesDiv 103 -----
USS Miller DD-535
USS Owen DD-536      (USED in Single Destroyer WWII)
USS The Sullivans DD-537
USS Stephen Potter DD-538
USS Tingey DD-539

----- DesRon 21 - DesDiv 42 ----
USS Fletcher DD-445     (USED in WWII Carrier Group)
USS Radford DD-446     
USS Jenkins DD-447      (USED in WWII Carrier Group)
USS La Vallette DD-448
by FCCS Earl A. Watkins USN (Ret)
- Oiler; AO-105 USS Mispillion (USED in WWII Carrier Group)
(By Bruce Fitzgerald)
- Battleship; BB-62 USS New Jersey (USED in WWII Carrier Group)
- Pensacola Class Cruiser: CA-25 USS Salt Lake City (USED in WWII Carrier Group)
(by Ron Jeffers)
- CV-12 USS Hornet (WWII Carrier)
- WWII Submarine
Hi Def AI Carriers V 6.0
STEP #1 Install the original AI Carriers 2
You must have AI Carriers installed to install the Hi-Def v6.0 upgrade
STEP #2 Download our Hi-Def Collections
Lamont Clark utilizes AI ships from the
MS "Acceleration" "Add-on'
Add one or all of our modification packs!
(1) Place the boats in your SimObjects/ Boats folder
(2) Replace the "AICarriers.cfg" in the AICarriers folder located in your program folder
(3) Start (or re-start) FSX
Make it easy to change the .cfg for each pack
Create a shortcut to the AICarriers program to your desktop
Create a shortcut to your Modification pack to your desktop
whenever you want to change packs, copy and paste the pack's cfg to your AICarriers
program. The boats can always stay in your boats folder.
Download the Master cfg Pack to your documents, (unzip and create a shortcut)
Future Hi-Def AI Carriers Groups by TaskForceFSX MAY include...
   - Coast Guard (Cutter and Commercial ships)
   - Russian (carrier groups)
   - Submarines (from assorted countries)
   - Chinese (ships)
   - UK   
INCLUDES: the .cfg's for
   (a) the original aicarriers2 by Lamont Clark
   (b) uss_nimitz_ike_version2 by Javier Fernandez
   (c) "Nimitz" (the first Hi-Def AI Carriers Group by TaskForceFSX)
   (d) personal (contains a blank cfg for your favorite groupings)
INCLUDES: the Boats for The Nimitz Group (C above)